Professional Advocacy

The Louisiana Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (LAMFT) advocates for the professional Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). We work with state legislative and regulatory bodies to create a functional, resilient professional culture for LMFTs that is optimally beneficial for licensees and the consumers of their services.

You can depend on LAMFT to keep you up to date on issues that affect you and pending legislation that may have an impact on your profession. Consult our website and look for email blasts to know what to do to get involved!

Members are urged to take action on the following matter(s):

Repeal Act 636 of 2012.  This act requires that an LPC or LMFT consult with a licensed medical professional in the event that the client has been diagnosed with a “serious mental illness” (SMI). LAMFT has determined that this restricts the autonomous practice of LPCs and LMFTs. This law makes them less competitive in the mental health marketplace, may eliminate LPCs and LMFTs from certain job positions, and restricts consumer access to vital mental health services.

The regular legislative session begins April 10, 2017. Stay tuned to our website and look for eblasts to how to contact your legislator and what to say.


Below you will find more ways to join with LAMFT in building a professional culture in our state that is most profitable for clinicians and consumers!

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