Continuing Education

LAMFT is the only approval agency in Louisiana for MFT CEUs. Applications for MFT CEUs must be requested and approved by LAMFT prior to an individual or agency stating that they have been approved for MFT CEUs in LA.

We are aware that some have already been presented. Our members may have attended these workshops and may still claim CEU hours for their attendance.  Backdating approvals should no longer be an issue.

Programs Approved for MFT Continuing Education Credit in 2017:

Contact: Customer Service, PESI at (800) 554-9775 or:
*High Functioning Autism: Proven and Practical Interventions for Challenging Behaviors in Children
Shreveport(1/25/17); Lafayette(1/26/17; Metairie; 1/27/17 6.25 CEU’s
*Non-Medication Treatments for ADHD– Lafayette(2/15/17); Baton Rouge (2/16/17); Metairie,
(2/17/17) 6.25 CEU’s
*Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: 2 Day Intensive ACT Training, (2/16 and 2/17/17)12.5CEU’s
*2 Day Trauma Competency Conference: the Core Competencies and Treatment Strategies for Trauma,
PTSD, Grief and Loss, New Orleans, (3/9 and 3/10/17) 12.5 CEU’s
*Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health in Louisiana, Shreveport,(3/28/17), Lafayette (3/29/17),
Metairie (3/30/17) 6.25 CEU’s

Family and Youth Counseling Agency
220 Louie Street, Lake Charles, LA
Contact: Pamela Healy, M.Ed., Family and Youth Counseling Agency, email: or
(337) 436-9533
19th Annual Connections Count: Professional Development Conference
February 15 and 16, 2017 L’Auberge Casino Resort

Vyne Education Formerly Known as Cross Country Education
Contact for all below listings:
*An Ounce of Prevention: Mental Health Ethics and the Law,Shreveport, LA,(1/12/17)
Dallas, TX (1/13/17); Waco, Tx (1/14/17 6 CEU’s
*The Clinician’s Guide to Dreams, Traumatic Memories, Hallucinations and Intrusive Thoughts: Making
Sense of the Unconscious; Jackson, MS (1/11/17); Baton Rouge, LA (1/12/17; New Orleans, LA (1/13/17;
Alexandria, LA (1/25/17) Shreveport, LA (1/26/17); Dallas,TX (1/27/17) 6 CEU’s
*Disarming the Suicidal Mind: Evidence-Based Assessment and Intervention, Shreveport, LA (1/18/17;
Dallas, TX (1/19/17); Little Rock, AR (1/20/17) 6 CEU’s
*Neuroscience & Yoga in the Treatment of Complex, Developmental or Repeated Trauma, San Antonio,
TX (1/25/17); Austin, TX (1/26/17); Houston, TX (1/27/17) 6 CEU’s
*Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: The Basics of Helping People Get Better; Mobile, AL,(1/25/17); Jackson,
MS (1/26/17); Baton Rouge, LA (2/22/17); New Orleans, LA (2/23/17) 6 CEU’s

Beyond Ethics, LLC
Contact: Deb Henson at:
*Ethical Clinical Practice in an Electronic Age, Metairie, LA. (2/17/17); 6/2/17); (11/3/17) 3 CEU’s

LA NASW Annual Conference
Baton Rouge, LA. (3/15-3/17/17)

Tulane School of Social Work
Contact: Parker Sternberg
*Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship, New Orleans, LA (1/30/17 through 2/2/17) 24 CEU’s
*Harnessing the Power of Emotion to Secure Family Bonds: Emotionally Focused Family Therapy
New Orleans, LA. (2/3 and 2/4/17) 11.45 CEU’s

Vyne Education (Formerly Cross Country Education)
Contact: (615) 331-4422
*Manipulators & Character Disorders: Interventions, Perspectives & Strategies. Mobile, AL. 3/8/17; Baton Rouge, LA, 3/9/17; New Orleans, LA, 3/10/17 6 CEU’s
*Could Early Intervention Reverse Symptoms of Autism. San Antonio, TX. 3/6/17; Austin,TX. 3/7/17; Houston, TX. 3/8/17; Waco, TX. 3/20/17; Dallas, TX. 3/21/17; Lubbock, TX. 3/22/17 6 CEU’s
*Ethics 2.0–When Clinical Goes Digital, San Antonio, TX, /22/17; Austin, TX. 3/23/17; Houston, TX. 3/24/17 6CEU’s
*Personality Disorders and the DSM 5,Lubbock, TX, (3/28/17; Dallas, TX. 3/29/17; Shreveport, LA. 3/30/17 6 CEU’s
*Exploring Ethical Challenges in the Therapeutic Relationship and Counseling Environment, Jackson, MS. 3/29/17; New Orleans, LA.3/30/17; Mobile, AL. 3/31/17 6 CEU’s

PESI, Inc.
Contact: (800) 647-8079 x5266

*Self-Regulation in Children: Keeping the Body, Mind and Emotions on Task in Children with Autism, ADHD or Sensory Disorders, Lafayette, LA 3/25/17; Baton Rouge, LA, 3/16/17; New Orleans, LA 3/17/17 Shreveport, LA. 4/19/17; Dallas, TX. 4/20/17; Oklahoma City, OK. 4/21/17 6.25 CEU’s
*Psychopharmacology: What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know About Psychotropic Medications, Shreveport, LA. 4/21/17; Baton Rouge, LA. 4/27/17; Metairie, LA 4/28/17 6.25 CEU’s
*Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents: Recognizing & Treating the Emerging Epidemic. Tupelo, MS. 4/26/17; Jackson, MS. 4/27/17; Biloxi, MS. 4/28/17 6.25 CEU’s
*Smart but Scattered: Executive Dysfunction at Home and School. Lafayette, LA. 4/3/17; Baton Rouge, LA. 4/4/17; Live webcast 4/4/17; Metairie, LA. 4/5/17 6.25 CEU’s

Baton Rouge Christian Counseling Center
Contact: Dee Adams, PhD, Director BRCCC at (225) 387-2287 or: Dee@BRCHRISTIANCOUNSELING.COM
*”Created for Connection Day” Baton Rouge, LA. 4/29/17 6 CEU’s Tanya Radecker, New Orleans, LA. Contact: Tanya Radecker @
*Driving Deep with Clients: Navigating the Counseling Process with Emotionally Focused Therapy. Thibodeaux, LA. 3/11/17; Fort Polk, LA, 4/1/17; New Orleans, LA. 6/10/17 6 CEU’s

Finding Solace Counseling, West Monroe, LA.
Contact: Charles Gagnon, Ed.D or (318) 737-7201
*Marriage and Family Therapy Ethics. West Monroe, LA. 4/21/17 and 10/20/17 3 CEU’s

Michael Monic, MA, LPC, Inc.
Contact: Michael Monic, LPC-S, LMFT or (337)824-5595
*Ethics and the Law for LPC’s and LMFT’s. Jennings, LA. 3/29/17 3 CEU’s

Vyne Education
Contact: Nikole Cutter, (615) 331-4422 X41225 or Robin Armstrong, (615) 331-4422×41211
*Disarming the Suicidal Mind: Evidence Based Assessment and Intervention. Jackson, MS (5/9/2017) Baton Rouge, LA (5/10/2017) New Orleans, LA (5/11/2017) 6 CEU’s *Neuroscience & Yoga in the Treatment of Complex, Developmental or Repeated Trauma. Lubbock, TX (4/19/2017) Dallas, TX (420/2017) Shreveport, LA ( 4/21/2017) 6 CEU’s

Red River Institute
Contact: Kelly Tyner, PhD, LMFT (318) 415-9437 or
*REACH: Pushing Your Clinical Skills and Effectiveness to the Next Level. Shreveport, LA (5/6 and 5/7/2017) Contact Kelly Tyner for specific schedule of times during these dates.11 CEU’s to include 3 in Diagnosis and 3 in Ethics.

PESI, Inc.
Contact: Customer Service at (800) 647-8079 or:
*Advanced Mindfulness: The Art and Science of Self-Compassion. Shreveport, LA (5/17/2017) Lafayette, LA (5/18/2017) Metairie, LA (5/19/2017) 6.25 CEU’s
Family Solutions Counseling Center
Contact: Scott Shelby,LPC-S. LMFT-S at (318) 322-6500 or:
North Louisiana Counselor Education 2017 Spring Conference, Monroe, LA (5/4 and 5/5/2017)
18 CEU’s

South Louisiana EMDRIA Regional Network
Contact: Charlene Spears , LCSW at (337) 789 0034 or:
EMDR Treatment of Complex Trauma and Attachment Disruption in Children and Adolescents,
Lafayette, LA (5/27/2017) 6 CEU’s
Family Solutions Counseling Center
contact: Scott Shelby, Ph.D. (318) 322-6500
LPC/LMFT Supervision Refresher Course 3 CEU’s
5/18/2017; Family Solutions Counseling Center, 1103 Hudson Lane, Monroe, LA

Louisiana EFT
Contact: or call Tanya Radecker (504) 610-7045
Diving in Deep: Navigating the Counseling Process with Emotionally Focused Therapy 6 CEU’s
5/26/2017–University of Holy Cross, New Orleans, LA
6/16/2017–Victory Addiction Recovery Center, Lafayette, LA

Anton Therapy Services
Sex and the Therapist’s Couch: Increase your Comfort in Handling the Hot Topic of Sex in your Office
through Mindfulness Techniques and Practical Tips 6 CEU’s
6/1/2017–Baton Rouge Red Cross, 4655 Sherwood Common Blvd, Baton Rouge, 70815

Cypress Center for Counseling
Contact: Christian Dean, Ph.D. at: or (225) 205-7508
The Process of Opening a Mental Health Private Practice 3 CEU’s
(focus on ethics and diagnosis and assessment)

Vyne Education
Contact: Vyne Education, LLC, 9020 Overlook Blvd, Ste 140, Brentwood, TN (615)331-4422 or:

Exploring Ethical Challenges in the Therapeutic Relationship and Counseling Environment
Waco, TX (7/12/2017); Dallas, TX (7/13/2017; Shreveport, LA (7/14/2017); Houston, TX(7/19/2017;
Austin, TX (7/20/2017; San Antonio, TX (7/21/2017

Contact: Customer Service, PESI, Inc. (800) 647-8079 or
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certificate Course: 3 Day Intensive Seminar55594 12.5 CEU’s
Embassy Suites New Orleans, Convention Center
8/29/2017 through 8/31/2017

Red River Institute
*Approved Supervisor Course 30 CEU’s, June/July 2017
*Assessment and Treatment in MFT 6 CEU’s in Diagnosis, 8/26/2017
Contact: Tom Moore, M.A., MMFT, LPC-S, LMFT-S at (318) 221-4455 or

C4 Recovery Solutions
*The 5th Annual Clinical Overview of the Recovery Experience (CORE),6/17-6/19/2017, 20.5 CEU’s
Contact: Blia Xiong,


Vyne Education (Formerly Cross Country Education)
Contact: Vyne Education, LLC, 9020 Overlook Blvd, Ste 140, Brentwood, TN (615)331-4422 or:

*New Frontiers of Clinical Ethics: Protect Your Practice in the Digital Age 6 CEU’s
8/3/17–Baton Rouge, LA
8/4/2017–New Orleans, LA
8/5/2017–Mobile, AL

*HIPAA & Medical Records Law: Meeting the Privacy & Security Regulations 6 CEU’s
9/13/2017–San Antonio, TX
9/14/2017–Austin, TX
9/15/2017–Houston, TX

*Calming the Brain through Mindfulness: Rewire Emotions with the Power of Neuroplasticity, 6 CEU’s
9/13/17–Wyndham Garden Shreveport
9/14/17–MCM Elegante Hotel and Suites, Dallas, TX
9/15/17–Radisson Hotel South, Ft. Worth, TX

*Psychopharmacology in Plain English 6 CEU’s
9/14/2017–Baton Rouge, LA
9/15/2017–New Orleans, LA
9/16/2017–Mobile, AL

*Co-Occurring Disorders & Differential Diagnosis: An Integrated Care Approach
Identification , Assessment and Treatment 6 CEU’s
9/27/2017–Mobile, AL
9/28/2017–Baton Rouge, LA
9/29/2017–New Orleans, LA
Contact: Marissa Waldrum @(615) 331-4422 or

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Contact: Toni Collins, or (504) 816-8089. Register online @
*New Orleans Christian Counseling Conference, “Caring for the Caregiver” 6 CEU’s

Louisiana Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy
Contact: Tanya or (504) 610-7045
*Emotionally Focused Therapy Core Skills 2 24 CEU’s
9/18,19,20, 2017


PESI, Inc.
Contact: Customer Service, P.O. Box 1000, Eau Claire, WI 54702, (800) 647-8079 or:

*Oppositional , Defiant & Disruptive Children and Adolescents: Non-Medication Approaches to the
Most Challenging Behaviors 6.25 CEU’s
9/11/2017–Shreveport, LA
9/12/2017–Lafayette, LA
9/13/2017–New Orleans, LA

*Neuroscience for Clinicians: Brain Change for Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Moods and Substance Abuse
6.25 CEU’s
9/27/2017–Shreveport, LA
9/28/2017–Lafayette, LA
9/29/2017–New Orleans, LA

*Mental Health Issues in the Classroom 6.25 CEU’s
10/25/2017–Shreveport, LA
10/26/2017–Lafayette, LA
10/27/2017–New Orleans, LA

*Self-Regulation: Proven Strategies for Children with ADHD, High-Functioning Autism, Learning or
Sensory Disorder 6.25 CEU’s
11/15/2017–Baton Rouge, LA
11/16/2017–Lafayette, LA
11/17/2017–Metairie, LA

*Ten Best Ever Anxiety Treatment Techniques: Effectively Treat Anxiety, Panic, Worry and Social
Anxiety, SEM#57617, 6.25 CEU’s
11/06/17–Hilton Shreveport
11/7/17–Hilton Garden Inn, Lafayette
11/8/17–Best Western Plus Landmark, Metairie

*MSBR: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: Intensive 2 Day Workshop SEM#57572, 12.5 CEU’s
11/29-30/17–Embassy Suites Hotel New Orleans Convention Center

*High Functioning Autism: Proven and Practical Interventions for Challenging Behaviors in Children,
Adolescents and Young Adults SEM#58795 6.25 CEU’s
12/4/17–Hilton Shreveport
12/5/17–Hilton Garden Inn, Lafayette
12/6/17–Wyndham Garden Inn, Metairie

Maison Vie, LLC

Improving Care for LGBT Elders, 3 CEU’s
1799 Stumpf Blvd, Bldg 3, Suite 2, Terrytowm, LA
contact: or (504) 452-5937


Institute for Brain Potential
Contact: Jerum Mann, (650) 387-9252 or
The Pharmacy in Your Kitchen: An Overview of Medical and Medicinal Foods, 6 CEU’s
Various locations across LA in October, 2017, Alexandria, 10/18; Monroe, 10/19; Shreveport, 10/20;Lafayaette, 10/25; Baton Rouge, 10/26; Kenner, 10/27


Institute for Family Services, Southern University of New Orleans
Contact: Lisa Dressner, LCSW (732)690-0009 or
Register at:
Conference Title: Staying Awake: Resting Dominance and Mobilizing Hope
Southern University of New Orleans, November 3-4, 2017 16 CEU’s


Vyne Education
Contact: Marissa Waldrum (615) 331-4422 or
Animal Assisted Play Therapy: When Life is RUFF 6 CEU’s
Shreveport, 11/15/17; Plano, TX, 11/16/17; Dallas, TX, 11/17/17


Contact: Customer Service (800)647-8079 or
Rewiring the Brain: Treatment Techniques for Obsessive Compulsive, Narcissistic, Antisocial, and Borderline Personality Disorder (SEM#59719 6.25 CEU’s
Lafayette, LA., 1/24/18; Baton Rouge, LA, 1/25/18; New Orleans, LA, 1/26/18


For information regarding previously approved programs, please contact Mr. John Shalett, at .